Big Mistakes You Can Make If You Are Not doing SEO

Surprisingly, there are many bloggers who believe that SEO is nonsense. But are already behind on the trends and missing out a lot. In case you are one of those people, you need to stop and give yourself several arguments for not doing SEO. We, on the other hand, will give you several argument why you should start doing it even today.

Everything Is Not All About Search Engines

The common reasons for not doing SEO is that any website should serve the customers and not a collection of bots that don’t even know what you are saying. Correct – you are in the business because of your customers and not because of search engines. However, let’s look at things a bit differently.

Put down the ranking factors and the benefits from it. Let’s just say you have a blog. You keep writing amazing articles, yet not too many people are reading them. One of the reasons for that might be the content itself. Search engine algorithms have evolved so much that they can mimic the behaviour of people.

They even do analysis what the customers are looking for on a website. In that sense, SEO is not an evil ranking mechanism by major corporations, it is instead a set of guidelines based on the analysis of previous user behaviour. You don’t need to be aiming to rank high in search results. Instead, familiarise yourself with the guidelines to make content more appealing for customers.

What You Will Learn In This Process

By doing SEO, you are actually learning as you go. If you try one strategy and it doesn’t bring you the results you are looking for, you need to readjust and try something new. SEO results can be measured by different tool and you will alway be able to see how you are getting on. Setting up a final goal and milestones in order to reach it will be a good indicator if you are on the right track.


You may debate that you are already using social media and not doing SEO, but our question to you is, are you using social platforms to their full potential for businesses? What are you getting out of your social media campaign? SEO goes hand in hand with social media.

Creating engaging content for your website and then distributing it through social media raises your business’s exposure and your brand awareness. Optimised content has higher chances of being shared between users. Bad content, on the other hand, can do you more harm than good, and this is definitely something you don’t want to happen. Do you have better arguments for not doing SEO? If the answer is yes, please let us know in the comments. We will probably find a way how to debunk the myths.

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