how to delete apple id account

How to delete Apple id account

  1. Visit Apple’s Data and Privacy portal at
  2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. If prompted, enter your two-factor authentication code.
  4. Click Continue.

  5. Click Get started beneath the section labeled Delete your account.
  6. Review the information regarding the deletion of your account.
    • Apple will verify any deletion requests and says the process could take up to seven days to complete.
  7. Follow Apple’s recommended steps (back up your data, sign out of devices, etc.) before you delete your account.
  8. Choose a reason for deleting your account using the pull-down menu.
  9. Click Continue.

  10. Review the information regarding the deletion of your account (again).
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Review the Deletion Terms & Conditions and check the box to confirm you’ve read and agree with the conditions.
  13. Click Continue.
  14. Choose a contact method that will be used to get account status updates.
  15. Click Continue.

  16. Write down or print out your unique access code.
    • This will be used to verify your identity if you need to contact Apple Support.
    • This code can also be used to cancel the account deletion process.
  17. Enter the access code to confirm you’ve actually written it down.
  18. Click Continue.
  19. Click Delete account to delete your account and associated data.
  20. Apple will start the verification process before deleting your account.
    • Your account will remain active during this period.
    • It could take up to seven days for the verification process to complete.

If you visit Apple’s Data and Privacy portal using the account you’re deleting, you’ll see a notification along the right side of the site letting you know that your account is being deleted.

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