Why Mostly Blogger quits 5 reasons ?

If you are thinking about quitting your blog? Well, before you decide to become an added statistic as a ‘failed blogger’, please read through this post to understand some of the analyses why I believe bloggers quit, and how not to follow the same path to failure.

5 reasons why most bloggers quit

1. Expecting too much Earning in short Time

That is simple to hope too much too soon. We all love the fame and life of a blogger, but blogging is not a work of a few days or not few months.

What usually happens to bloggers that are desperate to mimic the success of top successful bloggers is that they expect to reach that level in a short time.

Realising that blogging success comes after many years of hard graft makes most bloggers want to throw in the towel and quit after a few months.

The rewards of blogging come with persistent hard work and time. You have to be patient. Don’t expect too much to soon, focus on being persistent, consistent, have patience, and enjoy the process most of all.

2. Choose a Wrong niche in blogging

When we think to start a blog, then we need to select a niche for your blog. We usually select those topics that we love, but that is a wrong way to choose a niche.

We always have to choose that topic in which we have all the information and knowledge about that niche. Most of the bloggers quit because they think that they decided a wrong niche.

  1. Picked a niche that’s too technical.
  2. Picked a niche that they know nothing about and therefore have gotten bored quickly.
  3. Picked a niche that they’re not truly passionate about.

3. Very high competition

have you any idea how many posts published daily.
Well there is not an accurate idea but approximation more than 2 million posts per day

So there you have it. What’s the point in going on, the competition is too much, right?



Well, because I’m safely betting that around 75% or more of that 2 million blog posts each day are either going to be standard stuff or just crappy content.

So, let’s say (for argument’s sake) that you’re only competing against 25% of the highest of highest quality stuff out there.

Moreover, if you’re blogging from a unique perspective, providing incredible value and resource at the same time, what competition have you got to worry about?

None is the answer.

And remember this also, not everyone out there will have the same passion as you, so go forward and eat the competition by creating 25 million times better content.

4. Due to Slow growth of the blog

slow growth of traffic is one of the significant factors of quitting in blogging. My goal from day one was never about increasing traffic, but to keep creating great content, improving my website/blog design, improving user experience, providing an excellent service so to improve my conversion rate.

5. Because it is easy to leave, right?

Finally, if you really think that leaving your blog is your only choice because you do not really see any hope, please, please, oh, please sleep on it for a few nights before deciding to finish it.

If you need to talk to someone about your blogging struggles, goals, plans, vision, aspirations, desires, or anything else, then I will listen to you here and provide some help and guidance based on my own experiences.



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